I (37m) have been seeing a woman (35f) for a little while. She just disclosed that she has herpes. Not sure where to go from here.

Just saying, you can watch her Jack off and you can jack off all over it. Keep all oral off the table unless she initiates it. Should be the way amyway.

You know, for relationship's sake.

I remember starting to almost date a pretty girl I met on the bus. I was awkward as fuck so that's the real reason we didn't date, but she told me she had herpes. I did not know how to react either. I didn't even ask her what was ok for a practice. But you know if you're clean and she takes birth control, you'll have know possibilities. I don't know what would be a long term effect of sex practice if any. Voluntary infection?

It's a bit difficult to talk long term with someone you must met. But you know, if you're at that point, talk to her about it.

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