39 and still a virgin

Just wanted to share something that's happened to me as a result of posting for advice that in a perverse way has actually helped me put things into perspective. I received this really creepy DM full of explicit content (not to mention unhelpful advice). I was mad at receiving it. Why people feel the need to personally contact people unsolicited with inappropriate content and think it's acceptable is beyond me. Thankfully, I discovered a wonderful subreddit r/creepyPMs. People can upload the creepy messages theyve received as a warning for others and for advice. So I uploaded it and looked at some of the other posts, to make sure I wasn't overreacting...My God, you will not believe the level of sick that is out there. My flesh crawled. But, like I say, in a funny way, it gave me a revelation of stark clarity. All this time I was worried I was weird because I was still a virgin. No. It's these guys. The guys who think it's acceptable to harass people (women and men) with inappropriate behaviour and content, who try to scam people, who post the parts of their private anatomy unsolicited...These guys are the weirdos. These guys are the failures as human beings. Not me. I'm just a guy with some hang ups that I can work on, that's all. So, in a freaky way, it's been liberating. Just wanted to share what happened to me as a warning if you're going to seek advice on personal issues like I have. While the majority of people on this subreddit have been supportive and friendly, there are creeps out there.

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