I (39F) have been friends with someone (39F) for 37 years. Over the last year she has become an anti-vax / Covid-conspiracy-theorist / all-lives-matter-spouting jackass. It is exhausting to be around her now, but is this is worth giving up a lifetime of friendship?

This is heartbreaking. I'm in a similar situation with a childhood friend whom I love dearly, who is unfortunately forming anti-vaxx opinions that I fundamentally disagree with. I haven't brought it up with her much because I'm not really sure how to approach the topic in a pedagogical way (after all, I'd like her to come back to her senses because she is smart about other things in life, I'm not sure why she is thinking in such a backwards matter about this topic in particular). Unlike you, I don't work in health care and I don't have children of my own so there is a risk that she simply won't take what I say seriously. At the same time, I'm so worried about her children and I want her to come back to her senses.

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