4,000,000 COVID cases World-Wide, 11 days after reaching 3 Millions. Covid Cases grew from 1M to 2M in 12 days, and from 2M to 3M in 13 days.

I've lived in developing nations :). In fact I have experience of living in a rural village in a developing nation where I had no running water, no electricity, no internet, no paved roads...and they still had universal healthcare for the country's citizens. Lived there for two years, and still have all I have to say.

The US does have freedom of speech, and that's an important note to make. But it feels disingenuous to compare countries that way. The question was about developed countries. What good does it do someone if they can say, "Fuck the US", if they can't feed or clothe or house themselves, or they have to decide between one medication and another?

When basic needs, like clean water (cough lookin at you Flint), housing, healthcare, food, etc aren't met, the higher order needs can't be met.

IMO it's disingenuous to say, "Well you have free speech, so nothing else matters." What good does free speech do for children who die in their classrooms, or people who die hungry in the streets, or someone who has to figure out how they are going to pay for cancer treatment (oh, and now they've been diagnosed they can't get life insurance, sucks for their family members).

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