4 chan spitting some truths

I'll likely delete this tomorrow as this is a touchy topic for me, and English is not my first language so I'm not sure if I will be able to explain myself, but I decided to tell you about my actual beliefs and experiences if you don't mind. I'm not doing this with the intention of arguing but because I feel wronged due to your accusations.

One thing that I have to say is that not everyone lives in a first world country where everyone is treated as equals and are given equal chances. I was thankfully born into a household that enabled me to go to school and provided me with necessities, but I've known women who weren't raised in such conditions, whose parents had too many children just so they could have a boy, who were married off to their own relatives because they were thought of as liabilities, who were forced to live in a way they do not want to because of their family's religious beliefs, who were murdered as sinners because of these same beliefs, who were abused by their families, who weren't given the chance to study as their brothers were. But I suppose that kind of thing does not matter compared to, what was it, being able to get lovers easily.

I say this with kind intentions but I wish you would be more aware of the privilege that you have that makes you care about some cosplayer making money compared to the things I mentioned. It's not that I don't think that matters, but attractive people using their looks to further their career or make extra bucks is not limited to women and I don't believe it's as important. Do I believe all women are oppressed everywhere? No. But you and I probably live in and have been brought up in vastly different environments. This is what reality is for me and yes, I do want equality for women who are not as privileged as me. I'm living well and no one has mistreated me due to my gender as far as my career and other pursuits are concerned, but this isn't just about me. Trying to ensure and protect the rights of people who do not live in the conditions that I thankfully live in is something that I consider I have to do as a human being - whether they're male or female. But in my case, in my environment, they're very often female. I'm not blind to men's struggles or think men are toxic, and I think it's unfair to generalize a very large group of people with a lot of different opinions as a bunch of men hating, whiny people.

I hope you will think about some of the things I said and reconsider. If not, that is fine as well, we all have different experiences in life and it's only understandable we'll think differently. I do not think a discussion on the internet could change your mind anyway, I only wanted to what I actually think instead of what you accused me of thinking. I hope no one will try to argue with me about this. Just as I try to be respectful, please show the same consideration to me and downvote instead of insulting me and accusing me.

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