4 Major Plot Holes in the “Organized Crime Rings Are Closing Walgreens!” Narrative

What does incarceration rate have to do with whether or not we should incarcerate more people?

If you lead the world in incarceration rate but crime is still on the rise, maybe the prisons aren't rehabilitating people. If we create more criminals per capita than any other rich nation, maybe that speaks to a tremendous ill in our society?

I understood that you made no points and, as with most denizens of /r/conservative you do not have any ideas of your own. It's fucking obvious what the incarceration rate has to do with the state of society. People like you will never ask "why does our society create more criminals than most others?"

If you're not going to listen, I wish you would at least have the decency to shut the fuck up. but that's another thing people like you will never have. Decency.

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