40[F4M] online- looking for a college educated, good looking and sane 40+ man.

Hi, I'm intrigued by your preferences, not simply because they're very specific, but that they are close to something I would write. I'm definitely in a similar situation, long marriage and all that, and the need for educated communication is an absolute must. I run, work out, cook quite a bit to make sure I get the right kinds of food. It's not boring cooking, though. I've worked on various dishes for years to get them right. I'm always reading something, discussing something, right now R.P. Warren's All the King's Men, first time through--a shame, really; the book is very good. I like to drink wine while I cook, mostly red, but not all the time. I went to Napa as a young man in the late 70's and always had a romantic connection to the wine region. I don't know why really. In college when I was bored I would slink away into the "stacks," which were the dimly lit vaults of the library to find books on wine, and I studied them. It's been a lifelong love affair, only matched by my love of literature, and I suppose the erotic imagination, which is what finds me here. I sense something interesting in you.

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