A 40 Minute Tour of The Park Lux Apartment Complex and all of its "features" STL City Wide / Lux living. Sorry for the length but i felt it was necessary to show what I've had to deal with since moving here.

I use to live there back in 2010-2012. They were owned by another company, I was paying $745 monthly. When they were bought they changed their name. There use to be another adjacent building and huge parking lot, until that giant new Tribeca building was built, which is not owned by them. The owners are all Indian, and they also own an apartment building in the CWE right next to that Subway and Whole Foods. The main owners operate out of there. The building manager, is a guy named Siddhartha aka Sid. He drives a gold 2003 Acura TSX. He’s maybe about 32-35, was a recent college graduate when I was there. He handles all the money, and he prides himself in being cheap as possible. When they finally bought the Park Lux building they so called renovated it. They added new laminate floors and new kitchen and bathroom surfaces, etc. Nothing to fix the crumbling foundation or the house centipede problem, literally lipstick on a pig. He wanted to upcharge me to $945 monthly for the cheap renovations. When I decided not to, I went down to the main building on CWE. His brother got all in my face, because I said I didn’t want to extend my lease, can’t afford the new price. Really I just knew I could find better at the time. He started yelling in front of everyone about how to not give him that shit talk, and he knows I can afford it, he sees how much I make. So I’m looking at him, like I might seriously fight this guy. He calmed down and proceeded to comply. After that I posted the whole mishap with the company on every apartment site I could find. They called me and asked me to please take it down and was saying sorry, etc. This is because they never gave my deposit back. I got it back immediately after that.

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