40 something-year-old size queen Domme (f) gamer in cali

If you are interested in corresponding with u/creativemuse1111 then take a moment to consider the following recent Reddit history:

Read u/kingfoxshop account's post/comment history, "reverse search" her images, and make up your own mind: she was on an absolute tear in recent weeks trying to smear any account that supposedly 'wasted her time'. She claims to be kind, considerate, spiritual, and thoughtful in her self-descriptions when seeking a partner with similar types but is the absolute opposite once you establish a 1-on-1 correspondence with her or if you view her history of post comments where she makes it her duty to call out posts/people that don't impress her one way or another. Her account 'u/deliciousownership' was already banned from multiple Vancouver/PNW-area subreddits and was later closed outright. An alternate, pre-existing account at u/kingfoxshop was then leveraged. A new account apparently now exists as u/creativemuse1111 to possibly begin again. If she is starting to build anew and turn over a new leaf with how she interacts with others then that is entirely fine and applauded - time will tell if there are any further issues with other redditors - but you should be aware from the onset that she uses images from u/NicoleMarlee, a sex worker in California (or rather is herself the same Nicole Marlee, but trying to boost business for herself through indirect means/seeking subscription, payment/posting glorious reviews of herself via alternate accounts) and has a major vendetta against any person who might turn her hasty requests for images down, or has an unforseen falling out with online. She has even gone so far as to post private images shared to her by previous male Redditors without their consent as 'joke posts' (seeking work as a butler, etc) to humiliate them - yes, faces and bodies/privates in clear view and without any consideration given to the ramifications of posting such privately-shared/in-trust images...

If you cross her and things go south in her mind then her aim will be to make your online life here on Reddit a total hell for absolutely no justifiable cause. Multiple moderators have already been made aware of her interactions during the peak of it October/November 2022.

In the wild world of Reddit, the owner of this account can be an extremely difficult one to deal with. Do your research and try to think with your big head before sharing more than you might end up being comfortable with (personal details and/or images). It is recommended you share little-to-no info with her, especially any sensitive images you would not like to be shared around/posted without your consent. Also, be prepared for her to post fabricated and invalidating comments to your existing posts as a desperate form of retaliation.

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