400 MS lights are not an issue. Not on console. Not anywhere.

You're an idiot. I said conq was strong. Yes his Sb is balance i made a post about it actually and got alot of people agreeing with me AGAIN you people bitch and complain about anything strong. Conq sb needs a stamina nerf imo as you run zero risk using the move atm i think it should leave the conq more vulnerable.

If you think conqu is unbalanced why do you play the game?

And i CLEARLY said lb was awful above this reply are you slow?

You also used the developers as arbitrators of balance. So which it? Do we listen to the devs or not?

And if you belive LB is harder to play than orochi you are also an idiot in that regard. They both press buttons.

At this point I'm starting to suspect you lack basic critical thinking and comprehension.

The fact you are trying to brand me as a player who abuses overpowered moves and advocates for them so i can abuse them is the saddest attempt to disprove me in this entire thread.

No, the saddest fact is that you are trying to tell me to stop playing the game because I don't like the unbalanced parts of it.

You've called reads "BS" discrediting you completely from being a good and competitive player with real facts as reads are very important at high level play for any figher and this shows all you do in this game is press your buttons.


You think effort is designated by the number of buttons you press. That discredits from any discussion above third grade.

You've said orochi is a broken light spammer and when i said i could react to his first light 99% of the time



"I can deal with it using enough effort" doesen't make it not broken. You'd have to be an infant to think this way.

you used another one of those paragaphs saying insert broken thing here and when i claimed you called it broken you tried to say you didn't.


You said orochi is broken yet you can shut him down by just blocking all his chain starters and parrying them if you are good enough. Orochi can only counter attack off parries and deflects to get consistent damage in

"I can counter it, ergo it's not broken."

That logic is a non sequitur because the argument isn't that it's uncounterable. The argument is it has disproportionate reward for zero effort.

At the end of the day. I am a player who understands the fundamentals and high level aspects of this game. I have played since beta and have strived to get better all the time. I understand option selects, external guarding, external attacks to avoid getting parried, reads and mind games , my max punishes, matchups, counters, the list goes on. And i'm one of the best in my region.

It's honestly clear you don't understand jack shit considering your idea of "effort" is number of button presses and you fail to grasp simple risk reward concepts.

. You have only presented yourself as someone with no real knowledge other than repeating what is already said and known and popular and that is all your argument has been.

I've made a simple reward should equal effort argument.

Your response to that was to reply "They both press buttons so how is there more effort".

The fact you want to claim i abuse OP mechanics is hilarious.

The fact that you want to claim anyone who wants op mechanics fixed should quit playing the game even more so.

I played old warden to rep 50 when he was terrible after his nerfs because I've always loved warden and rejoiced when his rework finally arrived. I repped HL to 15 until his changes. Zerker to 9 before his rework. 10 on Cent and all of them AFTER his nerfs making him awful. The list goes on. I'm a competitive player that's very active in this community always participating and doing things and discussing.


You can keep bragging all you want, but as long as you keep making shitty arguments like "Well they both press buttons so where's the difference" it's difficult to take you seriously.

The fact that is your claim for who i am discredits you completely as funny enough you are sitting here trying to claim i abuse this stuff when it is you here that is using hyperbole and hysteria to claim this stuff is SO BROKEN it needs to be gone now. So please if you really hate lights that much just levae this game becuse you clearly don't understand anything about this game. You are a casual player, that does not understand this game how can you talk so much balance when you have zero idea what you are talking about?

Did you have a stroke writing this...? I'll try to pick it appart.

So please if you really hate lights that much just levae this game

"So please if you really hate insert overpowered mechanic that much just levae this

becuse you clearly don't understand anything about this game.


You think effort is designated by how many buttons you need to press. You don't understand anything about any game.

You are a casual player, that does not understand this game how can you talk so much balance when you have zero idea what you are talking about?

Again, did you have some sort of stroke while writing this? Also, it's funny you claim I have zero idea about balance but you fail to grasp simple concepts of effort = reward and you think buttons designate effort. Ironic.

i'm out and and if you want that extra proof i'll send you some clips i literally got last night playing breach parrying orochi lights on reaction, and 400ms lights on read :) on console btw

Extra proof of... what? Parrying an orochi? Ok, yeah good for you. How does that make his effort reward balance any less broken?

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