I [42/F] don't want my bf [42/M] around my roommate [40/F] How do I bring this up without sounding crazy?

I don't see how I'm trying to justify anything. I tried to kick her out last summer and it resulted in her being violent. I didn't press charges because the cops would have just sided with her. I want to find a new roommate before I kick her out. I need to do research on renters rights and landlord rights in my state. I own the house. I have said over and over again that I plan to kick her out. But now i guess people have an issue with me for not kicking her out sooner. Ok. I can't change the past. If realizing this is something that needs to change now and taking steps to change it isn't good enough then I guess some people will.always be annoyed with me. Thars your hill to die on.

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