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Sorry for the long post, but Social Justice is perhaps one of the greatest threats humanity faces today, and I can't help but write about how truly horrible it is whenever it comes up.

I was talking to a family member about those who stand up for social justice and how they're essentially cult members. To my surprise, he told me flat out "That's nonsense, Social justice only exists in the minds of right wingers, it's a made up enemy to be afraid of, nobody actually goes around calling for 'social justice', you've been reading breitbart or something?"

Luckily, probably because I was family, he listened as I showed him videos of people marching for Social Justice, courses at universities that taught social justice etc. He conceded, but still refused to say that it's a big deal at all, he just called it the modern version of the free speech/equal rights movement back in his day.

This is when I realized that older liberals have absolutely NO IDEA what's being taught on college campuses and brainless media like Buzzfeed and NowThis! They see these people protesting the police and think that they're just like them back in the 70's. The difference is back then, hippies put flowers inside the barrels of cop's guns and called for an end to segregation etc., these protesters openly call for dead cops and for the removal of whites and Jews from positions of power to be replaced with black-only teachers and dorms. The Mike Brown case is what it took for me to realize that not only do these people not know the truth, they actively dismiss anything that doesn't "feel" like it's true. It's giving rise to a new generation of leftists who will believe anything people say as long as it's supposed to be against "white supremacy" or "institutionalized racism". It's giving rise to a new generation of Moon-landing deniers, Illuminati conspiracy theorists, Holocaust deniers, really anything as long as the description of the video says "This video is what the racist capitalist pigs DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE".

Social Justice puts "social" in front of "justice", just like being politically correct puts "political" in front of "correct". It shows what they really care about; they don't care about actual justice, and they certainly don't care about being correct. Social Justice warriors exhibit all the characteristics of cult members, bear with me another paragraph while we examine their thought process and how it's identical to that of a cult member.

Instead of learning about all the different countries and political movements in the world all vying for their slice of power, which takes time and effort studying history, they watch a youtube video telling them how the Illuminati secretly controls the Zionists who secretly controls the U.N. which in turn secretly controls the world. They say they're woke because "they know the truth that the man doesn't want them to hear", they replace anything that's difficult to understand with simplistic and easy answers that "feels" like the truth because it goes against what they were taught in school but failed to actually learn. Saying the Moon landing is a hoax takes much less brain power than learning about the history of the space race. Logic and reason hold no power against what "feels" like the truth if you've been conditioned to deny anything that comes from scholarly sources. Social Justice encompasses this poisoned mindset completely, leading people to think Mike Brown said "Hands up, Don't shoot!" despite all actual evidence to the contrary because it "feels" true. What's harder, reading the transcripts of the trail where ALL witnesses admitted it never happened or were found to be lying when they said it did, or repeating a catchy slogan? They're ignoring the truth and believing in an easy to grasp lie, but they think they're woke among sheeple who just aren't smart enough to understand what they do.

This is why Social Justice warriors are effectively cult members, denying all rational arguments, logic, and evidence in favor of what "feels" like the truth according to their social circle, just like a cult. A cult which too many people refuse to believe exists. A cult that's being embraced by college academia and pandering politicians. It's far more dangerous than just SJW's being triggered, it's an ideology that might lead to a 1984 style future if too many people willingly choose to accept lies as truth, and deny truth as lies.

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