The 48 Laws Of Game Part 1

Conceal your intentions Apart from the first 5 seconds of the conversation when you're trying to get the girl's attention, it's always best to have a poker face during the conversation. A smiley face suggests you're too excited as a result of an inexperience of being around beautiful girls. A frowned, angry face on the other hand will scare them. A neutral, poker face is best as it shows you're used to interacting with beautiful people; you do this everyday.

Why? Shouldn't you be excited to see this person? If a chick did this to me I'd immeadiatly move on.

takes years to build value, it can take seconds to lose it. If you approach a girl on the street, one of the main reasons she will like you is she thinks that you are good with women. This is conveyed through the way you dress, how you talk to her and your vibe. In the club or social gathering, is this based on how you work the venue and your social circle and how you are positioned in your social circle.

Are we animals. Do I need to kill all the other males. Who gives a fuck about social circle do what you want. Are you some model or something? No your just another random dude on the internet

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