The 49ers are ready to pursue Aaron Rodgers if the Packers deal with the Jets falls through

Cap Hit Accelerated Dead Money upon Retirement June 1 Split
2023 15.790M
2024 32.542M 43.725M 14.575M / 29.15M
2025 51.141M 60.483M 30.242M / 30.242M
2026 45.252M 30.242M 30.242M / -

Ideally, you'd want a 3 or 4 year commitment. You really don't want him through 2 and then retire in 2025. You can split the prorated portion of the dead money after June 1. In 2024, that would also require he sign a new contract for cap purposes to eliminate the option bonus until June 2nd.

Moving Lance post June 1 (dead hits of 5.541 in 23 and 24 for 3.76M savings) and extending Bosa should get us the space for this year. We probably trade Aiyuk at some point before next season.

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