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At the worst point in my marriage, I was drinking a little heavily…I didn’t realize then how depressed I was. We were at an event at one of his cousin’s houses and I got so drunk that I could barely stand up. I went to my car and passed out. I vaguely remember my husband’s cousin—who, at the time, was being investigated for a sexual assault—come to my car and ask me to take a walk. I woke up the next morning back in my car, in the driveway, with my underwear torn, bleeding from the back of my head and with bite marks on my chest. My husband had slept inside the house and left me in the car. I confronted his cousin who said that we didn’t have sex but “hooked up” and that I was into it. The shame that I have felt over this has weighed on my mind for years, but I never told anyone. I still think it’s my fault even though I was barely coherent.

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