In 5 months the 2010's will be over. When this generations children and grandchildren ask "What were the 2010's like?" How will you respond?

Given his views on race I don't consider him much better than a KKK member. The fact that there isn't an analogous situation for Trump to butcher like the Trail of Tears doesn't really speak to much about his competence. Him caging children being comparable to one of the biggest blights in American history isn't really an endorsement. In fact, it's worse than the Japanese internment since we've seen exactly how that shit plays out. If that fatass had any understanding of history this should have been easy to avoid.

Couple all this with the fact that Trump has no achievements unlike the other people whose incidents grace your list.

Pull your head out of your ass. There's a lot of metrics to grade him the worst as evidenced by all the metrics where he was graded the worst in the link i provided. Go fucking do some reading then come back. I'm tired of these ridiculous fecal scribblings from you shitheels.

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