5 Prominent Hoods in Mississauga

Before I go off on a tangent I’d like to state a few things: •Mississauga is Canada’s 6th largest city. Of course there are hoods and low income neighbourhoods here. Why do some people find it funny and cringe when people post about Sauga hoods? • Not all hoods are the trenches, there’s a difference. The hood is a low income neighbourhood and the trenches are areas of the city infested with high amounts of violence. Mississauga’s low income neighbourhoods are mostly all just hoods, not the trenches let’s keep it real. I used to live in the heart of 5n10 and I’ve seen a few acts of violence in over 12 years but generally there are more petty crimes here.

You missed a couple pretty sizeable hoods:

-Erindale Station and Dundas (Northside, pretty much the third largest amount of government housing projects in the city behind 5n10 and MDV respectively) -Mississauga Valley

  • Also, mans don’t realize how big 5n10 & MDV really are:

5n10 is like the Jane and Finch area (in terms of size), there are basically 6 main hoods; 1. Paisley Blvd, lower income housing stretching from Camilla Rd and Park Tower Ave all the way to Huron Park, although near Huron park there ARE some nice houses 2. Hillcrest and Confederation Parkway, basically the entire intersection is low to middle income housing apart from some of the bungalow style homes 3. Rugby Rd and Dunbar Rd, the apartment complex and projects behind that sketchy Tim Hortans plaza, where you’d probably spot a few buckets coolin 4. Sherobee and Hurontario, apart from Paisley, Sherobee and Hurontario contains the highest number of high rise low income apartment buildings in the 5n10 area 5. Hurontario and King St, right in the heart of 5n10, a mix of high rise low income apartments, low income housing and government housing 6. Kirwin Ave and Jaguar valley drive, takes up a very large part of 5n10, on the completely opposite side of Paisley Blvd (it is closer to Mississauga Downtown). This block contains a size number of high rise low income apartments and a very high number of government housing

MDV: MDV West (contains the highest number of low income housing in the northern side of Mississauga. Too many blocks to get into detail, just take a look at google maps and you’d understand how deep and complex MDV west’s streets are.

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