5% Raise this year...with 9% inflation.

Honestly that's not a bad deal for 1.6 million. As someone who at least officially works in the district office renovations are not a bad thing seeing how old the building probably is. Due to it primarily being for employees it basically gets the lowest priority when it comes to major renovations. A security check point sounds amazing since thanks to chromebooks and other new things we get a decent amount of parents coming in daily now a lot of them angary or mad. New/more AC units would be amazing because they are probably fairly old or can't handle the larger capacity of people it now serves. And now that it is a much more public building ascetics matter more now because like I know mine doesn't feel like an office rather a cross between an 80s hospital and prison. Plus concrete facades are one of the cheapest ways to upgrade the building and have the added bonus of holding heat really well so that saves money. And I can sort of give you the the glass roof but surprisingly a glass ceiling is far cheaper than you would think only a few hundred dollars a square foot so that's probably only looking at 10-15% of that budget.

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