5 years ago today, the Rojava Revolution began when the YPG/YPJ took control of Kobanî. Happy birthday Rojava and long live the Rojava Revolution!

Please. Your entire metaphysics is based on out dated 19th century physics, but you go around calling everybody who doesn't subscribe to it utopian.

Okay, and how was that relevant to the thing you quoted? I see you say this a lot, is the only bullet-point you have?

Reread chapter 4 of Capital.

Reread the whole of Capital. Actually reread Marx(assuming you've even read anything outside of a sociology class), not because you have to be a Marxist, but because you don't seem to understand him(the way in which you talked about first-stage communism being defined by "democratic ownership" is laughable) in the first place.

The goal of Communalist is the abolition of commodities and money, but this requires the abolition of the material conditions of scarcity. This is not yet possible in an impoverished, war torn, embargoed, and isolated revolution. Various essential services have already been/are being made free. It is required that commodities that are sold be sold at a loss.

Literally modern day Stalinists lol. You don't need conditions of scarcity to establish first-stage communism/socialism and get rid of capital. First stage-communism is characterized by a system of rationing, but still being in a communist mode of production.

He wrote an absolutely hilarious piece on Rojava. This is home to great lines like "class replaced by gender" (cause we're not allowed to care about women's liberation apearantly) and "the PKK has doubtlessly swapped Marxism for postmodernism." (He's right that the Rojava revolution is not Marxist. It's philosophy is rooted in dialectical naturalism, not materialism. It's analysis is rooted in social ecology, not Marxism. There is nothing "postmodern" about any of this. I also don't understand why this is so sinister. 150 years after Marx, people are allowed to not be Marxists..).

So Rojava replaces class struggle with gender and except people to take their claims as being socialists seriously? Gender is important, but it should be obvious to anyone that it can't replace class(unless you think that liberal feminists are champions of socialism of course). And that was very long piece iirc, nice job quotemining.

Is the point of socialism not the abolition of class?

This is not what they meant by saying "anti-class" and you know this perfectly well.

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