5 years sober today. Forever grateful.

So you managed to not put a bottle against your face for 5 years, want a cookie?

Seriously, what did you hope to gain from sharing this with anyone? You want people to congratulate you on being normal? You want a parade for "accomplishing" something that the rest of us are doing on a daily basis? Everytime I see one of these stupid coin posts I keep wondering what the point of it is. The fact that you have even met the requirements for one of these at some point in your life is shameful and should be kept a secret. "I used to smash my fingers up with a hammer, but I haven't done that in a while so praise me please.". Thats how it sounds when you come in here bragging about these stupid coins.

So please, any and all who have been in contact with such things, keep it to yourself, cherish it as a personal victory, but do understand it is nothing to be proud of, you should not show off the fact that you were once too stupid and weak to control yourself.

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