[#50|+7292|436] Why is it considered child abuse to underfeed your children until they’re so skinny that health problems arise, but not to overfeed them until they’re so obese that health problems arise? [/r/TooAfraidToAsk]

There's no way you have a degree.

Oh? Those are super easy to get, maybe if you spent less time being depressed and buying online supplements you would know about that. When I was your age I wasn't online getting into internet arguments. I was studying, buildings things, working towards a career. What I find interesting is that you think that you are not mentally challenged. And maybe you aren't, but nobody fucking cares mate. You're one of those people who fails at life, works in a grocery store or not even, and just builds up this internal narcissistic monologue that you're special/smart, while rejecting reality. You google anti-scientific stuff to bend to your fragile, inclosed, narcissistic ego. Anything you can to validate that you are special, smart, and are not a loser.

I think fundamentally the world is overpopulated and it's good that people like you fail so miserably in life.

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