50 Shades of Sheever. Credits to whoever who wrote this magnificent piece

Ch 1

     A summer breeze drifts through the open window behind Sheever, toying with the hair trapped between her headset. The smell of Sheevers shampoo gets caught in the draft and floats to Sing's nostrils. He can't decide which smells better, the summer air or Sheever. "Hi Sing, what are you doing here?" she asks huskily, her nordic accent thick with want. "I'm going to ravage you." replies Sing, striding towards the bed where she is seated at her computer. "Wehsing I'm still streaming, my webcam is on- we should-" Sing cuts her off with a kiss on the mouth.

Sheever's headset slides off her head, landing on her bed with a soft thump, her muffled teams complaints barely audible a midst the gentle moans from Sheever. Sing's hands go into a frenzy, touching, feeling, and pawing at her clothes and body, trying to feel her all at once. She pulls away, her eyes full of hunger.

"Sing my webcam is on, I have thousands of views watching this." Sing glances back at her monitor, pausing for a moment thoughtfully. Standing up, he turns to the computer, looks into the webcam and winks at the audience before minimizing the window.

"It's closed." he lies, sitting back down on the bed. "I'm going to be tide, and you're going to be kunkka." says Sing with a smile, their bodies entwining once more. He slides off her pink cardigan, exposing her shoulders, his touch electric on her soft skin. She lets out a quiet, stuttered sigh, sliding back into a lying position. Her tongue tastes of strawberries, and it pains him to stop, but Sing turns his attention from her mouth to her neck, her head tilting back. He kisses her neck, slowly moving lower and lower until his kisses are landing below her bellybutton. Sheever leans up, watching his every move. "I could eat an anchovy." Sing says with a crooked smile, meeting her eyes. He brings his hands to her skin tight jeans, undoing the top button, and planting a kiss in it's place.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye Sheever notices her webcam's blue 'in use' light blinking on, but she doesn't care- it only makes her want it more. She lifts her slender hips, allowing Sing to slide her jeans off, revealing thin, Lina emblazoned panties. The embroidered fire clinging around her frame. Sing holds his head close to her, as motionless as a mud golem, letting his breath fall upon her crotch, breathing in her scent.

"Wehsing...."  utters Sheever, her pale European skin shining in the moonlight. Singsing remains still, gently breathing on her crotch, his face only a few centimeters from her panties. "Sing please..." bursts Sheever, more than loud enough to be picked up on her gaming mic- but still Sing just breathes on her, as patient as a Dendi looking for a Pudge gank. Sheever lets out a soft scream of frustration and pleasure and grabs his head, pushing it into her.

"Devour me!" she exclaims, her legs twitching uncontrollably. This time, sing obeys, not bothering to remove her panties, he slides them aside and begins to lick and suck faster than a Bloodseeker with yasha. Her hands paw gently at Sing's head and body, her back arching. 'This feels good. Insanely good. Even better than hitting a five man ravage.' thinks Sheever.

Soon she can't hold it in any longer, her toes curl and she lets out a cry of ecstasy, loud enough to wake the entire caster floor of the hotel, even Draksyl. She lets out a long shudder, her head spinning, she pulls sing up to her, kissing him deeply. Then, as lithe as Nova she wraps her legs around Singsing, and twists until she was straddling him, her hair cascading down and landing upon Sing's face. "You've been wanting this ever since we played together, haven't you." she says slyly, gazing down at him.

"Well..." Sing replies, the smile on his lips quickly removed with a frantic kiss from Sheever. She reaches down forcing off Sings pants, guiding him into her. Both let out moans of pleasure, their bodies sliding against one another, tiny beats of sweat glistening on their skin. Faster and faster she begins to bounce atop him, the bed-frame colliding repeatedly against the wall with dull thumps.

The sounds of passion fill the room, the stream viewers climbing, Singsing grabs Sheever's shoulders and throws her down on the bed, a long leg in each hand. She stares, unseeing up at the ceiling fan as he thrusts relentlessly. "Wehsing... Wehsing.. I'm there." "Oh Zeus!" she screams.

They collapse onto the bed, a tangled mess of limbs and pleasure. They lie there for a while, the summer air drifting through the open window, cool on their exposed, wet skin. After an indeterminable amount of time Singsing finally disentangles himself, standing up in the nude, searching for his clothing. Sheever lies there, watching him quietly tracing her fingers along her long, slender legs.
"I'm still missing my shirt, have you see-" he turns to see Sheever lying there, his shirt clutched between her teeth, mischief glinting in her eyes.

Hours later, he staggers into the hotel hallway, hopping quietly across the carpet, pulling on his socks, heading for the player rooms down the hall. Half way down the hallway a door quickly opens. It's n0 tail's room. Singsing stops trying to fix his belt, combs his hair slightly and tries to play it cool, sauntering down the hall towards both his door and the recently opened one.

Fly comes staggering out of notail's room, straightening his belt. He nods at Sing. "Just borrowing a mouse." explains Fly as he passes Singsing.
    "Me too." replies Sing.
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