500$, 1000$, and 1500$ PC builds.

I agree with having less of a focus on a graphics card (I budgeted too heavily towards mine in my first build as well), but storage, ram especially are easy upgrades later on - the price of both are also expected to drop with time, so I think it's fair for a first time builder to scrooge a bit on those parts. Monitors for a more powerful graphics card are also easy upgrades - there's usually no downside to having a 1080p and then buying a 1440p/144hz or whatever to have two monitors.

I'm a bit torn on CPU, I bought the 6600k, when it was recommended by everyone for mid-range gaming, but my build struggling on more and more tasks - but on the other hand, even if I spent more on a CPU, Intel doesn't provide backwards compatability for CPUs anyway, so the upgrade path is much more awkward than AMDs. Budgeting more towards an expensive Intel Mobo/CPU doesn't provide many future options so it's difficult to recommend, but it's difficult to recommend ryzen over Intel for gaming as well.

Because of this I don't think it's unreasonable to budget more for a gpu in the current state of the market.

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