505 Games Excludes Men From Control's First Streams For The Sake Of “Gender Equality”

Why are you guys falling for this "for the sake of gender equality" angle? That's coming directly and solely from the guy who writes for this shit website.

The only reference to "equality" in the tweet is the hashtag, which is the name of the holiday. Women's Equality day is the anniversary of women being able to vote in the US. If the day was called "Women Voter's Day", this exact same thing would still be happening, just without the word "equality".

This is some basic bitch level marketing. Video game with female protagonist, releases next to female-specific holiday. Streamers advertise games. Female holiday + game with female protagonist + female streamer = completely obvious combination.

Companies do this with every holiday. When it's Women's or Mother's day, women get shit, you don't. When it's Men's or Father's day, men get shit, women don't. Do you complain about the inequality of those days too?

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