505 Games has removed the ability to purchase the base edition and the DLC/Season Pass of Control on Steam (only Ultimate Edition)

I agree fuck g2a, but in specific circumstances things like this kind of require a gray market website to retrieve all of that.

If a company stops selling DLC and the only place you can get it is from a gray market site or pay a massive amount of money to get the game all over again and the DLC I think I would rather choose the gray market site.

I probably have used g2a no more than 20 times tops over the last 6 years, and every single time it was because I didn't want to buy a game or product from a specific company (EA) or the product was no longer available on the steam store.

I don't support g2a outright, in fact if it was banned from the face of the earth I wouldn't really even notice it's gone. But it does have its uses whether we like it or not.

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