56 percent in new poll say Trump does not deserve reelection

Propaganda targets your primitive brain, not your rational brain.

They are being overwhelmed with angry propaganda. Constantly. I should know, I was a Republican until 4 years ago.

They moved too fast and I saw through the illusion, but only barely. But it was enough to get out. It took me a couple years to stop hating Clinton, and Pelosi, and Soros, even after I realized that Trump was trash. It was emotional, but it was a LOT of emotion.

The problem is going to grow worse. Legitimate news is expensive to produce and is behind paywalls. People don’t want to pay for news. But there is no such thing as free. That means you aren’t getting free news. You are getting news that someone else paid for.

No one is going to spend their own money so that you, random internet person, will have more information to make an educated decision. They will pay to influence you to vote in their interest.

That’s where we are at now.

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