[5e][EST Tues][Online] Looking for 2 players to join Grp.

Hi There,

With such a long history, I just wanted to make sure you understood that we're a fairly green group, most of us don't have a lot of practical experience. So let me give you some background.

We're an online group that got together through our local library, and have been running for about 4 months.

The GM runs a homebrew campaign that is losely based on common lore but not really bound by it. We're fairly inexperienced so all those tropes are pretty new to most of us. Right now we're on a side mission involving the rescue some kids that were abducted (later discovered to have been intended sacrifices for a god). We just returned to the town to discover it on fire and being raided.

The GM tries to strike a balance between rule of cool and rules as written, so he's not afraid to bend the rules if it makes the game more fun.

Right now we have 3 solid players and 2-3 that pop in-out. We're trying to fill two of those so that we don't need to adapt for a missing player. We've had to create an NPC to fill the role of main tank, since our rogue has been taking more damage than he could take.

We can really use a player tank, but our GM is very forgiving-accommodating towards player needs, so anything is fine.

Our current group is Rogue, Warlock, Ranger, and Wizard. We are very (shadow/stealth) heavy at the moment, so there are a lot of potential niches to fill. I'll attach a link to some of our recent sessions, just know it's raw, so there are portions of technical difficulties and rough patches.

We have another session this week. Let me know what you think, and please ask anything you're unsure about.


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