[5e] Squishy caster in a crunchy shell, Wizard/Fighter vs Sorcerer/Hexblade

backup spellbook

And this is why I'd suggest making your spellbook something you can actually summon — something like how a Bladelock can summon their Pact Blade.

Technically, a Tomelock can acquire a new Tome if theirs is destroyed, but it's unclear as to whether the new Tome would have all the spells in it, or whether it'd be "brand new" (i.e. blank).

However, the Pact of the Blade is very specific about summoning weapons; if you do a little ritual with a particular weapon, it will always summon that weapon for you.

So, as sub-optimal as this is, the best way to preserve your spellbook (and avoid the cost of maintaining a backup) is to store your spells as, like, carvings on your staff, take 3 levels of Warlock, grab Pact of the Blade, and bind your staff as the Pact Weapon.

Of course, you lose out on three levels of Wizard, but at least you still get 9th level spells.. eventually.

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