5uppp apologises to xQc

xQc randomly gets 5up voted out because he wasn't providing enough information, and wasn't vouched for, even though 2-3 other people weren't vouched for or talking either. Turns out 5up is imposter.

5up starts looking for another discord lobby because he doesn't wanna get salty and tilt.

Couple of games later, 5up backs up Masterfiend's story on how xQc and EasyRod both walked out of the top left where there are two dead bodies.

xQc flames 5up. Understandable. Games get heated.

Game ends. xQc continues to flame 5up. Calls him out for leaving the lobby. Calls his new lobby dummies.

5up leaves the lobby and joins the other one he was already in queue for. xQc continues to flame him, even though 5up has left discord.

5up joins another lobby and is dead first round. xQc pulls up trainwrecks stream to find how who train is playing with and sees 5up is dead. Laughs at him.

5up says he doesn't hate xQc and has no bad blood with him.

xQc says he doesn't wanna play with 5up, and laughs at the "5up calls out xQc" clip.

5up and xQc talk. 5up apologies to xQc.

Did I miss anything? Why is 5up the one having to apologize?

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