6.1.4 Patch Notes - WoD


New Feature: T.I.N.D.R. Box

  • Upgrade your level 100 Followers with this new item and allow them to search for true love!
  • Read more on this upcoming feature in our recent announcement.

New Master Looting Options

  • To alleviate social issues related to the Master Looter functionality, we've expanded the option to offer four distinct choices:

    • Master Looter

           * Unchanged
    • Submissive Looter

            *As the Submissive Looter, you'll sign a contract with your raid allowing you to explore your boss-killing desires safely, with due respect and regard for one's needs, one's limits, and one's well-being.
            *Per contract, you'll be given whatever loot the rest of the raid decides you get, and say thank you. Raid members can decide whether they like the gear you're already wearing and, if not, demand that you disenchant it.
           *A new Safe Word option can be set through your Battle.net account settings that immediately ends the raid upon entering it into chat.

      *Passive Aggressive Looter

           *The Raid Leader agrees to divvy up loot more or less fairly, but will make catty comments about how this raid group will give loot to "just anyone".
           *Note: This setting will also auto-whisper raid members as they join that if they don't like it, they can lead their own raid.


           *No different from Master Looter, but everyone keeps asking for it, so here you go. Knock yourselves out.

Warcraft: The Movie: The Game: The Movie

*In a world with nomble warriors, spirit healers, and arcane powers, a movie industry is brewing. Catch your favorite Warcraft characters acting as other Warcraft characters in a fictional world within a fictional world in Warcraft: The Movie: The Game: The Movie.


  • In addition to the items you forgot to pick up, the Postmaster will now mail you special offers on great deals from various vendors around Azeroth.

  • In addition to the recent inclusion of account-wide ignore, the game will now also present a series of flashes and symbols to make you forget the ignored user ever existed. We promise not to use this for any other reason, as far as you know.

  • To curb confusion over whether to call them Undead or Forsaken, Sylvanas's faction is now simply referred to as Walkers.

  • We accidentally put The Dance Studio back in the game for a little while, but it's been removed again. That was a close one.

  • Twitter integration now has a 50% increased chance of making you feel out of touch with whatever the hell kids are doing these days.

  • Patches will now be given titles that are more appropriate for today's internet audience, beginning with Patch 6.2: Conquer the Iron Horde Using This One Weird Old Trick.

  • All active World of Warcraft subscribers are now also game design interns. Please be sure to use the correct cover sheets for your DPS reports. Also, we're gonna need you to come in on Saturday, mm'kay?

  • We've checked on the members of the band Fun, and they are alive and well despite forum claims to the contrary.

  • The Hybrid Tax has been reworked and is now a Hybrid Rebate, providing state funded incentives and cash back at participating dealerships on approved credit.

  • These patch notes were written by lead game designers, producers, engineers, and artists, instead of having them work on important new changes and features.

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