6.84 Aghanim's Scepter Wishlist

Every single hero that u mentioned just simple cannot get aghs (maybe some sort of supportish farming WK could get use). Kunkka just need other items he is more of a hit big crit cleave or miss type of hero and his boat is strong enough and mostly used for the coco buff other than anything.

Cent need also other items - blink + force/pipe/blademail/bkb/halberd etc so when he finally can afford aghs it will be too late and will do too little.

LC also need so many other items that are much more important and tbh the buff is not worth of wasting a slot and gold for this, dmg that she already gets is high enough no rly need to buff it even more and the cancel would be very very situational. Maybe there could be other kind of buff that would be viable since she is not as much slot dependant as some other heroes but it will be never good to "rush" aghs like after blink or so.

WK might be a good idea for noncore WK. Support kunkka could probably also work but he would still need blink/force items before.

CK - This guy dont have got slots nor he got ability to farm fast enough to get it, no matter what the upgrade will be its more likely NEVER worth of getting this item on ck if it slows u down hard in item progression.

Sniper/TA - just no slots for it, other core items are much more important and u dont want to trade your deadlus or bkb for aghs that you just dont need, sniper rightclicks got much higher dps than his aghs in mid to late game.

Not sure of BS, that hero is kind of "need something to change but dunno what to change".

Morph - same story as sniper/ta just no slots.

Weaver could be too illusive, he probably would get a free slot for it but im not sure if he needs it. (I would agree on that if u got aghs u can timelaps into future instead of past :D:D)

Slark - no slots, need other items more and that silence is just irrevelant when u got abysal.

The problem is that you picked heroes that mostly cannot afford aghs because of the item slots. Same would goes to hero like AM - he got no spare slots he probably wants like 8 or 9 items every game but yet cannot have it all and upgrading his ult is not needed because some heroes rely more on anything other than on their ults like sniper or ta - their ults are more of the addition to their normal skills and they rely much more on rightclicks etc than on their ults.

Heroes that i would like to see with aghs upgrade are probably tide, magnus etc because ults on these heroes are very important and without them their strenght is halved while sniper without ult can be still as deadly as sniper with ult. Other heroes that could get item slot and/or could sacrifice one of their other items for aghs - nyx, maybe dp, bat and tusk.

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