6.84 Aghanim's Scepter Wishlist

Kunka: When ghost ship is activated, the back of the ship produces torrents every .03 seconds, enemies can only be caught in this type of torrent once (cannot overlap), enemies hit by both boat and torrent doubles their stun duration.

Centaur Warruner: Allies affected by stampede will never be affected by movement debuffs (it also removes any existing debuff) and can move over any terrain during the duration. any obstacle will be destroyed or pushed aside.

Weaver: All damage and mana consumed 7 seconds earlier will be reflected back into a 450 AoE along with the last debuff put on Weaver being afflicted to nearby enemies. (having an extra charge of timelapse would be too op)

Alchemist: Gains the ability to brew potions

Base potions:

Chemical Rage (Purple) : HP and mana Regeneration etc (R)

Chemical Steam (Blue) : Atkspd aura, drains mana (buff is doubled on alchemist) (A)

Chemical Burst (Red) : Atk aura, drains HP (buff is doubled on alchemist)(D)


Blue and Red

Regenerative Burst:

Heals 650/720/800 HP and Mana in an AoE area, Alchemist loses the same amount. Can be cast even when HP/MP is below 800, but hp never goes below 1. Cannot regenerate hp/mana for 20 seconds. (can be healed/arcboots)

Blue and Purple

Cryogenic gift:

Grants 70/80/100 atkspd aura and atkspd debuff on enemies, cannot regenerate mana for 20 seconds. (Can be healed/Arc boots)

Red and Purple

Dominator's Mist

40/50/55 Atk aura and atk aura debuff on enemies, cannot regenerate HP (Can be healed)

Red Blue and Purple

Failure is always an option:

Alchemist concocts a very deadly potion that explodes in a _____ AoE area that randomly removes HP or MP from both enemies and allies and also removes all buffs and cancels regeneration for 20 seconds. Alchemist dies after 10 seconds of being buffed by chemical rage. Alchemist deathtimer is reduced by 30/35/40%. Gold needed to buy back is increased by 10% per cast (cumulative). 300s cooldown.

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