60% of Americans Disapprove of President Trump

I know how it goes here I’m r/politics, so I’m just gonna let you guys downvote me and ban me or something.

I don’t approve of unsanitary or unsafe conditions. I’m not going to call them concentration camps cause they’re not getting gassed. I think the border needs more funding to actually process all of the people crossing the border (there hasn’t been this much traffic there in roughly a decade).

The nuclear deal didn’t actually prevent Iran from doing anything. They’re building nukes anyway. Obama should’ve been tougher on them, and I don’t think we should tolerate their state sponsored terrorism.

Also nearly every American got a tax cut this last year, and those who didn’t were on the upper end of the wealth spectrum. Lot of good stuff in that tax bill (like doubling the child tax credit)

And also nazis are bad, I think that’s pretty clear, I do not like nazis, i think nazis should go away. I don’t think trump is a good person whatsoever, but I also am not voting for someone who has virtually no values in line with mine (which still is not trump)

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