65 percent of Americans say it’s ‘morally acceptable’ to smoke pot

The thing is, I see pro-marijuana comparing (or rather contrasting) weed and alcohol in an effort to show cannabis is not as bad far more often than those who are against marijuana use.

And the way you are describing alcohol is kind of my point of how biased some pro-cannabis people sound when talking about marijuana vs other substances. Everyone knows what alcohol "literally" is. But guess what else is literally fermented rotten trash? Cheese and yogurt. Life-saving insulin medicines? E. Coli juices. We have yeast breath to thank for our fluffiness.

And the way you describe cannabinoids (when you're referring specifically to the ones found in cannabis) as "part of all life". You know what else is "part ofw all life"? Dopamine. Serotonin. All of which can be manipulated externally

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