66% of console players still prefer physical games over digital - Gamasutra

100% digital, all the way baby.

Nothing like putting the physical disc in the machine - and promptly be greeted with a many GB download. Nothing like having that game load slower until you pay the long install time from disc to hdd/sdd, then find out there are a number of assets that are uninstallable and still load off the disc.

Digital runs faster; doesn't scratch; and can be downloaded on demand. Have a library of 50 games? You have a library of 50 games on you at all times.

And I can play all these things w/o getting off the couch, ejecting the disc and replacing it with a different one like it's 1999. Can't find a disc? Doesn't happen.

If you value your time, digital is no contest.

A part of me thinks... 66% of console players were asked the wrong question, or the question was framed entirely for reasons of traditional box product businesses.

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