69 Republicans vote against Puerto Rico aid

Then name me another country in the last 50 years where the gov declared a phony war,killed over 100k innocent civilians, destroyed the whole region, but the public rewarded the said government by putting them into office for another term. And to top it off,just wash hands off the refugee crisis that directly resulted from the phony war.

Or how about when an embarrassing number of Americans (highest percentage among the countries polled) wanted to bomb Agraba,a fictional place,just because it sounds muslim?

Or how about voting for an aspiring war crimial who told everyone how he intends to treat minorities,and people still voted for him. Atleast Hitlers nazis can claim actual "economic anxiety" of the great depression, red caps voted for this man when the unemployment rate was 4.4%.

Or how about actively helping in the genoside of 3 million Bangladeshis?Or war crimes committed in Cambodia,laos when majority couldn't be bothered? Name me another country in the last 50 years that compares.

I can go on and on and on.If you still can't see the uniqueness of the lack of empathy/total indifference shown by a large part of American society, you have got to be willfully ignorant.

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