699k Counting Thread

it says to check which comments came first

However, this is obsolete anyways since we have everything sorted by "old" by default.

box are you aware of how completely irrelevant what you just said is

check which comments came first??

the new comments page was FROZEN

there was NO way for all those I'd been helping all day strategies to have a remote chance of finding "which comment came first" - and how their sort was done old or new totally irrelevant

where in your FAQ does it explain to these newbies HOW to get to this major historical number when the new comments page is frozen?

seriously the fact that you are discussing how they were supposed to find you via a frozen new comments page

shows you may not have a clue just how serious this was... you did NOT get their via the new comments page you are discussing above you couldn't have it was 100% impossible

so you need to really think about this get you seem to be wanting to claim...

you don't need a get earned this way...

I didnt' even try for trips or 420's or anything like that in a way that might be unfair... and this?

I would not accept this as a legit get

I could have instead of trying to STOP this went for this assist or get myself..

I beat atom and a few others at a get using my slow computer...

you can get them with your eyes closed against all these newbies..

I can't see you wanting this .. this way... personally

just like blue's "v" - was not accepted...

this get "won" if thats what you want to call what you did - in this manner is something I would want NO part of and would not want my name on

my get was legit - and won fairly with fair competition with others having a chance at it... I can be proud of it...

TBH you seem like such an upstanding guy - and you are here discussing the aspects of a new comments page - and "sort orders???"

indicates to me that you dont understand just how derailed this GET was...

hopefully you will understand and refuse this one just like

EVO refused his 998,999,000,998 "get" he was given.


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