699k Counting Thread

LOL 4252 words in drama... did you parse out all our other convos?

for a second I thought that link was going to actually share our private convos.... good call with that link :)

as far as the "you are a child" card I've never played that with you - except slight during our last private convo.. re - lets just say budgeting

I wasn't playing that card as an insult...

it is just a fact it is totally inappropriate for me to have "fight" as an older adult with a 14 year old "non-adult" - in any way let alone in a public forum... and there is no running going on so these convo's can be easily seen by anyone entering this sub at any time until the next run happens

I've never ever implied you were not intelligent.. but I think you are intelligent enough to realize when you are 40 or 50 years old you aren't going to fight with some 14-15 year old person in a public place for an length of time

it's just not appropriate....

now as far as the 4254 words - you think that is a lot - lol!

I think I have many single conversation PMs with my two closest friends here that make 4254 words* look like a


so much so it's become a running joke now ....

4254 words over our many convo's over all the various things we've discussed is honestly nothing...

considering all the various ways our lives here enter twine LOL

it's not every day someone on a tiny tiny tablet tying with one finger outsnipe you........... sooooooooooooooo we have history!


anyhow seriously it was slightly a put down to put the that "young" - in that child sentence...

but that comment you said about me and rs... that was just so uncalled for and inaccurate that it took me down to that level for a moment -

I was young once... so I know it's not fun to be called a child even when you are 14 which is why I've went out of my way to treat you as an equal and not a 'child' - even when you (just as we all do) act like one.

anyhow - you may not understand this yet because believe it or not you do not yet know everything...

but it is honestly not appropriate for some "old woman" to fight with a 'young child' in public... there I labeled me too - so there we go.

I honestly am not intrested in your opinion on this because

1) you were not here

2) you think this is a little incident

3) you have not had the chance as newbie for the 200,000 or the 500,000

so you can't relate to how they all feel for not even having a remote chance to even see this let alone have a chance to get it

so lets just wrap this up

I have no idea if I will even be posting here any more depending how this goes...

so I really don't wish to have my last convo here if that's what happens to be with you... we really barely know each other..

I know you will be a success in your life

and if you ever manage to beat that 10 sec to a run - summon I'd love you to let me know and jump me too it



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