7 dead in shootings at three spas in metro Atlanta

I'm Asian and I'd warn America is on a very dangerous path unless changes are made quickly and significantly enough to avert disaster by reforming society. 2019 was full of massacres with El Paso being one of them and 2020 was full of riots and street clashes on top of half a million plus dead from Covid with the coup attempt only two months ago. If things went differently on January 6, we could've easily ended up in a situation with hundreds or thousands getting killed if the insurrectionist managed to take out enough members of House and Senate to incapacitate government long enough for the counter-protest to mobilize in resistance nationwide with people taking matters into their own hands, then it's war.

More massacres are probably going to happen and millions of people are desperate, got nothing to lose, or are brainwashed by whatever it is. If you do not have an actual movement committed to reforms that genuinely changes the lives of enough people for the better, I don't see things going well.

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