7 Repairs, 1 Macbook Pro, Apple sent back a broken Macbook

You have to deal with the manf in the us in the eu you go back to where you bought it and it becomes their problem. The eu has a clear hierarchy of remedies under which you can receive a refund and it usually applies on the second attempt to repair (OP would have been covered with this.) The retailers also don’t get to set the rules on returns in the eu, everything has a cooling off period, nothing retail can be sold as is, no “exchange only returns”, etc. Retailers are also bound by any statements they make in advertisements. All of this was in the link you just ignored everything that you didn’t want to see and clearly covers stuff outside of what we consider a warranty and is part of a larger set of rules.

Who’s the arbitrator on which regulations are necessary and which aren’t? You? This is rhetorical it’s merely meant to emphasis the contradiction.

The only recent “study” on regulations hurting small business was done by the nsba and it was based on feelings https://www.forbes.com/sites/robbmandelbaum/2017/01/24/the-83000-question-how-much-do-regulations-really-cost-small-business/#56f2f00e1b25 to the point that 65% were worried about ACA regulations being burdensome even though~82% of them were <20 employee businesses which would never have to deal with it. They also asked them to make estimations on how much regulations cost them with many responding that the lost revenue was from having to read through the regulations and attaching ridiculous costs to their time. In the same survey the most problematic regulations were, in order, the IRS, ACA and then labor laws so good luck fixing one and three and two didn’t apply to the vast majority of them. Over regulation has been touted as the “downfall of small business” going back 25+ yrs and yet they continue on. That’s why it is a bullshit argument and really has nothing to do with consumer protection laws and why I kept ignoring your attempt to bring it into the conversation. Regulation to force manf, and better yet retailers, to stand behind the products they sale is not a barrier to entry for anybody except those who intend to deceive.

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