"7 years and no other electric car can compete with the 2012 model s"

I don't get why people are so obsessed with range.

Largest barrier to mass adoption followed by price and obligatory time to recharge the battery.

The range/weight ratio is important.

Range/battery energy density/price per kWh/weight ratio is more comprehensive. One could also make a hyper efficient 300 MPGe solar car inspired vehicle, it won't sell that much and will likely cost a lot since it will need carbon fiber to keep weight under control.

The efficiency is important.

Meeting market expectations for safety, interior space, cargo capacity and overall design is equally important. A new car has to satisfy those demands as well as improving efficiency.

Not having "Phantom Drain" is important (or Phantom Drain being as low as possible).

It becomes less of a problem the larger the capacity since you still get more than enough range if you start off with say 300 miles/ 500 km.

Charging speed is more important than range. What is the point of having a 100 kWh battery pack, if you need considerably more time to charge it?

The C rating of the cells, energy density, cycle life and the efficiency of the car combined with the capacity is what makes a vehicle good enough or great. Compare a Audi eTron 95 kWh, 150 kW charging behemoth with only 204 miles of range with a 75 kWh, 120 kW charging car with 310 miles like the Model 3.

Personally, 350 km (around 220 miles) are more than enough for me. And being able to charge it at least with 150 kW.

If that car needs a larger battery because it's not efficient, it will take more time to recharge the battery than a more efficient car with a smaller battery and slower charge speed. Over 350 km of range and 150 kW or faster charging is a good place to start but it's not enough to capture the entire market, just to be appealing beyond just early adopters and get a portion of car buyers, not 50%, not 100% but likely 10% or more.

Imagine a future, where every parking space offers fast inductive charging! Is battery size really so important then? I want that, not bigger battery packs!

Concept wise it would make sense to make roads charge the cars but we know due to cost it will be limited to developed countries and few rich megacities. Most will need ~1 MW chargers using wires to handle a billion or larger fleet.

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