7 yr old gets pwned into oblivion

This guy bitches when someone does not understand him. Yet his paragraph (3 sentences) if you wanna call it that is filled with errors. Come on the guy does not even capitalize the letter "I" and he uses words like "arnt". I think we understand why the other person could not understand this guy. If he thinks these sentences are the way "smart folk" like him talk, imagine his dumb down version for a 7 year old? Imagine the above paragraph (3 sentences) if this same person had to dumb it down....

Might be something along the lines of:

i love to piss on fookz when they r so dumb they cans evn connecx the cable. likes this reals dumbazz the dayz that was not yesterdayz didnts no whats surface tension waz. i mean i laid it outs to him so my sevens yerz old sun whos is preschools could now whats it waz. i just kept pissngs onz him ind beingz a fuckerz. smartz fookz r notz wort yourz timz

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