70 Reasons I am single

I am out of shape **I have no confidence and I let what people say change the way I feel about myself and I'm not comfortable in my own body, that is why women don't like me**
I don't care that I am out of shape but I do care but then I don't care enough to do anything about it  **I am stuck in my comfort zone, women like men with freedom but I am in my own cage**
I have inner turmoil because I don't care enough that I am out of shape  **But you do care, you are self-conscious that is why you are single**
I know what to do to be successful and I flat out don't do it **Doesn't actually know what to do to be successful, and self-conscious about how others perceive me, so I lie about knowing how to be successful and stay stuck in comfort zone**
I dont go out on a whim to ask girls out  **Because I don't think they will say yes, and I'm scared of rejection because I derive my sense of self-worth from how others judge me, and I need the validation of women so I can feel good about myself, but I'm so scared of their response that I'd rather stay in my comfort zone and not ask**
I don't ask girls out at all  **Because they will just say no!**
I have been single so long that I romanticize the idea of a good relationship  **It seems out of my grasp, but what I don't realize is that if you want the BIG GOAL, you have to start with small steps.  If you just keep taking small steps you will eventually behind you and you will have passed your goal without even noticing**
Women don't like men who arent confident  **True**
I am not confident  **Confidence is just knowing what to do, not just theorizing but KNOWING in your soul.  If you want to get good with girls, you have to start out sucking, nobody is born good with women.  We are wired different.  Start taking small steps and don't take rejection seriously.  Think of it as a process, like training in a video game if you want.  If you ask out 100 women I promise you will get at least 10 numbers, even if you get one number that is still PROGRESS.  Pay attention to what works**
Not only that, I actually have anxiety and I sweat profusely during so many inappropriate situations  **Anxiety comes when you don't feel comfortable in a situation, the only way to get over it is to keep putting yourself in that situation until you become used to it.**
Sweating makes people think you're either hiding something or a nervous wreck  **That is your self-conscious mind telling you that everyone around you is judging you, that everyone thinks you are creepy, all these self-defeating thoughts you have are only hurting you.  Remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Just you with your shoes pants and shirt have everything you need within yourself to make what you want with your life.  Just you with your shoes pants and shirt can get that date with the girl you want, not just whatever girl falls into your life. **
I generalize what women want  **In terms of attraction, most women will respond to the same things.  Every woman wants something different from a relationship, but as far as what attracts them they can't help it, just like you can't help but look when you see cleavage.**
Women want a man who WANTS them **95% of the guys who walk past her want her, but hardly any ask.  Some call her hot, but almost never does a guy talk to her who is legitimately interested in who she is.  Did you ever think that by simply ASKING you are already doing more than the other 95%?  That makes you ahead of the game, that means she will finally get to breathe a sigh of relief** 
I never show my interest in women  **get on it!**
In fact, I purposefully avoid giving any attention to women and am less likely to talk to them on average than men  **because you let them set your value, you need to value yourself without the approval of others, then it won't matter to you whether people respond well to you or not.  You need to be in charge of your own life and how the world makes you feel, you decide your fate I'm not being cheesy its truth"
I do irrational things for no apparent reason and clearly have a chip on my shoulder, as exemplified above.  **Maybe you should rewind and handle the deeper issues, they are distracting you and preventing you from living in the PRESENT moment.  You have to be present with women, you need to be there in the moment experiencing everything instead of worrying about how people in the future will perceive you, and how people in your past perceived you.**
I assume that when any woman does anything that could possibly be perceived as fliration, she is just being friendly  **It is true some women are just friendly, but wouldn't you rather ask and get it over with than continue to live with the regret not really knowing?**
I believe that I am "too nice" to date a girl  **More self-defeating talk**
When I say "too nice" I dont mean actually nice. I mean fake and don't share my actual emotional state with her.  **Because you feel embarrassed about your emotional state and you fear consequences of what will happen if you actually be honest.  But women love honesty, and being true to your feelings is what most men can't do, so try it.**
People who tell you what you want are some of the least liked people because you can't trust them  **What if it was good advice?  Not everyone is out to hurt you, in fact 99% of people are good and are only telling you what you want to hear because they CARE about you and want to make you feel happier.  The problem is that since you have trust issues, you don't think that anyone could possibly give a shit about you or your feelings which only pushes people close to you away**
I can't seem to break free from these cycles that I see happening  **Then you realize you have to make an inner change**
Women tend to like men who keep them interested  **You don't have to really think about what you are saying, in fact you think about what you say far too much.  I will tell my girlfriend she is a niddle tup fuddle butt just to fuck with her**
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