70 Reasons I am single

I am boring and bend to a womans whim  **Women are your mirror.  THEY ARE YOUR MIRROR.  Women will reflect back at you exactly how you feel about yourself. Take a moment and think about it, if you go up and ask a girl out and you assume she won't be interested, your inaction and dithering from insecurity WILL turn her off.  Similarly if you are used to getting what you want, women will respond positively to that confidence.  What it looks like in action is indifference.  If you are getting laid all the time, you realize that if she says no you can just ask the next girl out.  Even if you are a virgin adopt that mentality, remember that another girl is just around the corner.**
I will try to make things right and will bow out first in an argument just to be on better terms, not to say I am not a fiercely argumentative person at times  **Gotta be more honest with yourself, stand up for yourself.  Your opinion has value**
I absolutely hate drama  **Women love drama**
Some women seem to thrive on drama  **Oh haha, yes see above.  Emotional turbulence is arousing to women, learn to weather the storm without bowing out.  When my girlfriend and I fight I don't follow her around asking her while she's mad at me, I apologize and go about my business.  She wants time to think about what made her mad, she wants to feel those negative emotions and resolve them herself.  If you try too hard to keep her 100% happy you will fail miserably.  Do not fear the dark side!**
I appreciate womens physical appearance too much  **That's just your biology**
I tend to compliment a woman too many times which devalues each compliment exponentially  **I'm glad you realize what most guys don't, that too many compliments are bad.  But I can get away with complimenting my girl hundreds of times a day, so what gives?  It is all about the place you are coming from.  If the compliment is a weapon designed to get a reaction you will always look silly.  Do it because you actually mean it, just be honest.**
I truly believe in my heart that a relationship would be hard to bear unless the woman meshed with me perfectly  **Life isn't perfect, and you probably won't find anyone exactly like you, so find someone who you have good chemistry with.**
I am clearly not mature enough for a relationship  **More self-defeat**
I am not interested in "dating around" or dating multiple prospects at once.  **Then don't but understand that doing so would give you the mindset you need to actually make a girl fall in love with you, the un-needyness that comes with seeing multiple people.  If you are not naturally un-needy than dating multiple people will help you to grow quicker.  Again, your skill should be treated like training, ignore the No's hunt the Yes's**
I have a strange idea of romance and love  **Love and romance are simply expressions of your desire to be with that person.  It is honesty.**
I seem to have always had this entitled view of life, an expectance if you will for love to just fall in my lap  **You don't sound entitled at all, you sound afraid and unsure.  You sound like you see yourself as entitled to failure.  You ARE entitled to success, but success only comes if you try**
I am not willing to do what it takes or make the commitment that is required unless it is worth it  **Those are just excuses you tell yourself**
I feel like something has to be "worth it" to do it  **What isn't worth it about waking up in the middle of the night to feel a tongue swirl around your cock?**
I am certain women each want to be treated specially individually and if I am quantifying them in terms of whether the commitment is worth it or not, clearly I am not a good relationship prospect  **Stop going in worrying about what a woman wants, just be yourself.  THAT IS WHAT WOMEN WANT.  Women say they want an honest man.  They mean a man who is HONEST with himself and to his desire, a man who is honest about his interest in her.  A man who doesn't lie to make himself look good.  YOU ARE ENOUGH with just your shoes shirt and pants**
I tend to find myself thinking how selfless i am  **You sound too selfless, like you don't respect yourself enough to think you are worth anything good in life.  You resent yourself because your weight and you feel lazy and worthless for not being able to lose it.  For you to get the masculine energy that women find attractive, you must defeat these inner demons.  Masculine energy is PURPOSE, DRIVE, MISSION.  If you resent yourself and let failure slow you down, you won't be on your purpose.  Make improving yourself and this area of your life your purpose**
I am more selfish than I know  **Bahh humbug**
I expect a woman to see my act of kindness for what it is  **Unless she is a close friend, she sees acts of kindness as a pathetic attempt from a man who does not value himself to gain her affection.  She sees it as saying "I don't think I could get a girl any other way than completely handing my dignity over, I'm too afraid of being rejected so I'll just do favors for you"  Women despise that because it is weak and dishonest, they want a man with the confidence and honesty to tell her how he feels without having to buy her shit or compromise himself**
I should never expect anyone to see any act of anything because that is not why I should be doing what I do  **The rest of the world doesn't matter and their opinion doesn't mean shit, DO YOU**
I have such whacked out and overly expressive opinions about women and dating  **Because you have spent 36 months in a cave without doing any field experimenting, that ain't no way to do science**
I am sexist  **We all are**
I think too much  **We all do**
Most women have a stereotype of what a typical male is like. **See we are all sexist so what**

Most men who fit this stereotype probably wouldn't type out 50+ reasons they are single Quit worrying about stereotypes and stigma. Most men worry about stigma and it turns women off, the guys who get laid are the guys who don't give a fuck about society and its normalcy Society runs on archetypes and bows to stigma. Only if you let it, only if you lay still. Most men lay still and women hate it, break the mold, fuck everyone and their stupid opinion, women love men with that freedom. Women love men who don't give a flying fuck about stigma. I like to be super weird in my element and comfort of my home and still use potty humor Good, do that around girls, my girlfriend and I love fart jokes. BE YOURSELF I know in my heart that I am somewhat funny, but my humor gets lost in the toilet humor I still use to satisfy my own dark and strange comedy needs. Focus more on doing this and less on trying to make everyone happy or trying to sculpt everyone's fucking opinion on you, YOUR sense of humor is the only one that should matter to you I like weird things and people who do weird things Me too I tend to like trashy girls (ie crazy dyed hair, tattoos, ripped clothes, black everything) Me too Trashy girls tend to like bad boys All girls like bad boys I am not a bad boy Bad boy is a mentality, it means using poop jokes at inappropriate times, it means not caring about whether or not the girl likes you, its about being in charge of your own life. Women don't like badboys because they wear black, they like badboys because rebellion is sexy. Rebellion is independence. Rebellion is masculine I do not ever want to be a bad boy or ever change anyhing about myself to fit what society expects me to do just to get laid **Good, being yourself is what being a badboy is about. All it takes to be a badboy in America is IGNORE THE HATERS I dont care at all about getting laid if it involves lying and deceit Getting laid does not require those things Getting laid is not my focus in life and I will never push sex on a woman BUT YOU WANT SEX, and I have some news for you, WOMEN LIKE SEX TOO, and they REALLLLLLLYYYYYYY LOVE it when guys are honest about their desire. BE TRUE to your desire and seek it. Sex isn't something you "push" on a woman, you just flirt and hangout and act chill and suddenly there's a "plop" Women expect a man to have a high sex drive and lie to them and be deceitful to fill his quota That's bullshit If a man doesnt have a high sex drive, society's stigma as mentioned above dictates that this man is strange You give too many shits about stigma dude Did I mention I am weird? Yeah well I'm a 24 year old man who ate captain crunches crunch berries for breakfast so me too It seems like women like to feel like they're currently "1st place" in your repertoire of women you talk to If she's acting jealous than it means she values you I have no repertoire of women gotta start somewhere Because of this and no women ever fighting over me its like slapping a big "WARNING" sign on my forehead for potential relationships Gotta start somewhere

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