71 days in feeling the strongest urges yet. HELPP!!

My friend, my first question is, are you able to do anything?

What are your hobbies? Remember, there's a subreddit for everything so my suggestion would be to either watch SFW, videos on your hobby, passion, craft like buscrafting or professional air hockey. You know something to take you away from the urges.

Do you like video games or puzzle games or anything like that? Another distraction to take your mind off urges?

I for one, would be too prideful in my day streak to stop now. (71 days? thats almost one hundred which is close to 365, a whole year, isn't that a goal worth achieving, why throw all that away for a 13 seconds of pleasure, now you just wasted all those days Not PMO-ing for what? Virtually nothing)

Stay strong, friend, and remember, no fap is ever worth it.

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