75 cents?

Did you beat the shit out of your friend that strangled a cat?

"Once a childhood friend confided in me that he lost his temper and strangled a small cat to death. I was overwhelmingly disturbed. I didn't know if I wanted to even talk to him anymore.

This was right before his first child was due to be born. I sincerely evaluated our near 20 year friendship. Ultimately though he said the entire ordeal scared the shit out of him- he was disturbed and ashamed of himself. He asked himself if he'd be a fit father and was self aware that he'd allowed his emotions to get completely out of control.

He went on to have 2 kids and a wife- none of whom he abuses. He recognized the importance of not losing his temper and changed because of it.

I say this because I think he's an example that somebody can do something that's unacceptable without it necessarily being a pattern of abuse.

Only you can judge this, reddit can't. But if you feel fearful of him you need to trust yourself and make steps to move on."

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