75% of Tory members support no-deal Brexit

But the BOE and the MPC committee both have agreed for extra economic stimulus to prevent an economic crash while the Bank of England said its certain to avoid one in case of no deal. They are more worried about shortages, riots and the Irish border. The economy will flack but the BOE will just enact fiscal stimulus and Phillip Hammond will have to increase spending on social services to offset the economic downturn, he even admitted to it.

Is a no deal good? Absolutely not. Is a no deal going to cause economic collapse? No.

I’m not calling for a no-deal, it will make our country poorer, affect job growth and seriously affect some industries in the short term, while also potentially bringing back a short-term border on Ireland. But it could be the best of the rest of the options because the other options seriously fuck us in the medium-long term.

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