75-Year-Old Asian Man Dies Following Oakland Assault

I'm going to stop responding to you, as you didn't address the majority of what I said, and I've not excused the crime many times in this thread. This very example demonstrates what I was talking about. True, the victim was not a small business owner to my knowledge. But the attacker has a history of robbing old people. Unlike some other high profile cases, he didn't just push this guy down or punch him. He robbed him. He clearly robs people in general. Is that anti-Asian? To your question about police, it depends. One one hand you're saying we shouldn't conflate all police shootings with racism (assuming I do, ha!), yet you're arguing it ok for others to do the same with crimes committed by black people. Nice. I'm out.. tired of the down votes and comebacks masquerading as erudite thoughts. Peace.

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