78% of suicide rates world wide are men, what can we do to help them?

And we think it’s normal. I had been fairly blue for a pretty long time but I wouldn’t actually kill myself because it would hurt my kid and my best mate since childhood was a war refugee who’s ex took his kids and he hasn’t seen them in years. So I always figured I haven’t got it too bad. Plus talking about my feelings is just not something I am at all comfortable doing.

I finally went to a psychologist last week for the first time and they had me fill out a long questionnaire, I did but then while I was waiting to speak with the dr I got kinda weirded out and left before seeing her.

She called me yesterday. On the depression score from the test, 40 is a moderate, 94 would be an inpatient for the clinically depressed. I scored 100.

I knew I wasn’t good but I had no idea it was that bad.

I’m taking steps now but in a weird way which I know is irrational, I feel kind of guilty for 1, being so miserable and 2, not knowing how unhealthy I am.

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