78% of suicide rates world wide are men, what can we do to help them?

I would say if we could cut back on generalizations overall it would help. I’m a very sensitive person, so much so that I can’t even begin to voice my own thoughts or emotions out of fear that my opinion or whatever will insult someone or carry too much weight for someone else to bare. Sometimes it feels like I can’t share because of that but then there are other times where I’m made fun of because of due to the old “kindness is weakness” thing, which in turn makes it difficult to be genuine to myself and others.

We’re told by family, friends, teachers and media from a very young age that we have to be an unbreakable rock for ourselves, our partners and our families. I don’t consider myself weak but all of this running from emotional confrontation makes me feel like a coward. I also think my avoidance of these things has caused me to become more and more isolated as well as misunderstood. I’m a big guy and I usually wear black and have a resting bitch face and I barely talk, so I’m sure I seem like I would be mean or intimidating or something, but I literally just don’t want to have people in my life if I can’t genuinely express my emotions or god forbid get close enough to someone that I open up and they consider me less than adequate.

My only dream for the longest time was to start my own family, be a good dad and keep a clean happy home. The older I get the less likely that seems, especially in my area. I remember at a very young age I told a friend I wanted to be a stay at home dad and it was probably the worst mistake I could’ve made at the time. Here in the south you have to fit a specific mold and I am clearly not cut out for it.

Too soft - you’re unfit to protect Too hard - you’re probably abusive Stay sober - you’re not lovely enough Smoke pot - you’re never going to be anyone

And finally something that doesn’t even pertain to myself, I believe there should be some kind of reform in the system as far as child care. It’s been addressed that women win most cases as far as child custody even though there are many suitable fathers that deserve to see their kids. Another problem in the south, I’ve seen so many unfit mothers get complete custody. You would imagine in a time where PC culture is seemingly so popular we wouldn’t be dealing with these issues but I doubt that in my time we’ll see any real change.

Everyone stay strong and stay positive.

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